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How can a surfer become a real estate agent in Costa Rica?

It is vacation time again. After a couple of weeks of surfing and living on peanut butter sandwiches, who would want to abandon paradise?  Usually after such a vacation, nobody wants to go back home and thinks of making a living in Costa Rica as a realtor.  Someone posted the following question on the ARCR […]

Is the landlord now responsible for his illegal tenants in Costa Rica?

Some online newspapers like Inside Costa Rica have been reporting that a new article of the immigration law in Costa Rica, obliges hotels, bed & breakfast and hostels as well as landlords, to be asking to see your visa or cedula to ensure you are in the country legally. As of August 1st 2014, all hotels, bed & breakfast, […]

Costa Rica customs controls on foreigners overstaying their tourist visa

The Costarican government has been working hard. Between Costa Rica Immigration Services and the CCSS, the Costarican government has been trying to control the flow of illegal Nicaraguans into the country because so many work illegally and many who hire them don’t pay CCSS or Caja Costarricense del Seguro Social. Unfortunately, the gringos who live […]

Can a non-resident or perpetual tourist renew a driver’s license now?

In the past, just about anyone (residents and non-residents alike) could get a driver’s license in Costa Rica.  But, last year, the government announced that new driver’s licenses would be granted to foreigners ONLY after they have obtained legal residency.  And it appears that even those who have applied for residency, but are still waiting […]

How a Canadian in Costa Rica Tries To Get Her Caja Carnet

by guest blogger Paula Kat-Friedman The Easy Times has had numerous request from readers to help find a solution to the problem of getting or renewing the Caja carnet, necessary to renew legal residency in Costa Rica. Many expats have different problems with getting this carnet or getting it renewed. Or they have a problem […]

Costa Rica Residency Transitory Immigration Measures could benefit you

by guest blogger attorney Adrian Fernandez Madrigal Expats in Costa Rica seeking to regularize their migratory condition should take the opportunity the Costa Rican Government is currently offering, for a limited time only. The Costa Rica Immigration Department based on four transitory articles included in the latest Bylaws to the new Immigration Act will grant […]