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The Costa Rica real estate market

The Costa Rica real estate market and divorces

The Costa Rica real estate market has changed tremendously after the world wide real estate boom. Banks in Costa Rica never got involved with bad lending practices like what happened in the United States and Europe. So Costa Rica real estate prices have remained stable through the last 4 – 5 years. Will that go […]

Senior citizen discount program

Senior citizen discount program in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has an amazing Senior Citizen Discount program. In my blog “what do Costa Rica expats want” I suggested a 65+ program for retirees without knowing such a program already existed. Other countries like Panama do have a senior citizen discount program widely advertised but the Costa Rican government advertises their program only to […]

Retirement Always Evolves

Retirement Always Evolves

Retirement always evolves, does yours too? About a year ago, I wrote an article about planning your Costa Rica retirement. It centered around the use of a ‘Bucket List’ or ‘Painting a Picture’.  Tools designed to help organize your thinking about what retirement will involve. I’m still amazed how many people still think only in […]

Why Atenas real estate?

Why Atenas real estate is so attractive for Costa Rica retirement

When Isabelle Jones started selling Atenas real estate in 2004, there was only one real estate office in Atenas. Suddenly, Atenas real estate became popular for Costa Rica retirement. Why Atenas real estate became to attractive? Let’s find out. Isabelle now retired, but she had the advantage of starting out without hardly any competition and with the […]

Atenas is one of the best places to retire abroad

Atenas is one of the best places to retire abroad

Investigating the best places to retire abroad? Then you should know Atenas was most recently highlighted in AARP magazine as one of the best places to retire abroad, showing perfectly well why to retire in Atenas. The AARP magazine, one of the most well-known magazines available gives Atenas in the Central Valley of Costa Rica […]