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Senior citizen discount program

Senior citizen discount program in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has an amazing Senior Citizen Discount program. In my blog “what do Costa Rica expats want” I suggested a 65+ program for retirees without knowing such a program already existed. Other countries like Panama do have a senior citizen discount program widely advertised but the Costa Rican government advertises their program only to […]

The discovery of Guanabana

The discovery of Guanabana

Do you know what a Guanabana is? Weird word, right! It won’t kill you to shop somewhere other than Pricemart and AutoMercado, I promise! Now there is nothing wrong with either of these fine establishments. In fact, for some of those foods from home that we just can’t do without, it’s the only place to […]

Cariari shopping is becoming more attractive

More value to Cariari real estate as Cariari shopping is becoming more attractive

Cariari shopping will never be a problem again. A new commercial building will not only make Cariari shopping a lot easier. There will be additional services that make living in Cariari more attractive than ever. Running is a passion all over Costa Rica and Cariari is no exception, one sees them at their solitary endeavor, […]