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when Trump wins the elections

Should you move to Costa Rica when Trump wins the elections?

John Hepner, our commercial real estate affiliate, made me aware someone promoting an island near Nova Scotia in Canada. The article has the title “Cape Breton when Trump wins the elections”. I have a much better plan for you: Move to Costa Rica when Trump wins the elections. Why? Because Costa Rica has a proven track record […]

Guidelines on Moving to Costa Rica

There are many reasons why we feel like moving to a new country, but Costa Rica is one especially interesting destination for many of us. A unique and beautiful country and rich culture, but moving there does pose some challenges you will need to be ready to overcome if you want to succeed: •    Moving […]

How can a surfer become a real estate agent in Costa Rica?

It is vacation time again. After a couple of weeks of surfing and living on peanut butter sandwiches, who would want to abandon paradise?  Usually after such a vacation, nobody wants to go back home and thinks of making a living in Costa Rica as a realtor.  Someone posted the following question on the ARCR […]

Will Internet Access Become a Constitutional Right in Costa Rica?

In the last few years, Costa Rica has become well known as a luxury paradise that appeals to many people all over the world. Along with a relaxed lifestyle, spectacular beaches, and lush tropical landscaping, Costa Rica certainly has much to be recommended. Currently, Costarican lawmakers are attempting to make the country even more appealing […]

Costa Rica rentals might not include appliances

I am sorry, Costa Rica rentals might not include appliances

When searching for Costa Rica rentals, you might assume the home appliances will be included. They probably are not, unless you rent a furnished and equipped home. Interested in knowing more about renting with and without home appliances in Costa Rica rentals? Then you can ask a knowledgeable realtor or just read on. In some […]