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I am looking to rent in Costa Rica

A very common email that we receive almost daily goes as follows: I am looking for a villa for rent in Costa Rica, please send me some info on this beautiful place, thanks. Well, to start with, some have not figured out yet that Costa Rica is a country, not a city or a town […]

Costa Rica customs controls on foreigners overstaying their tourist visa

The Costarican government has been working hard. Between Costa Rica Immigration Services and the CCSS, the Costarican government has been trying to control the flow of illegal Nicaraguans into the country because so many work illegally and many who hire them don’t pay CCSS or Caja Costarricense del Seguro Social. Unfortunately, the gringos who live […]

Atenas homes for rent before you buy your retirement home

Now you have a chance to check out all Atenas homes for rent before you purchase your retirement home. When you retire to a new country like Costa Rica, you want to find out the advantages and disadvantages of living in certain areas.   The American European Real Estate Group, the # 1 Costa Rica MLS, gives […]

Rent in Costa Rica ⌂ The Security Deposit

Retirees, business people and executives of large companies are looking to rent a house Costa Rica online every day. More and more people moving to Costa Rica due to the growing economy in Costa Rica and those looking for a better lifestyle are looking for a house in Costa Rica for rent, though most end […]