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Atenas real estate for sale and for rent

Atenas is easily accessible from the beach areas, the International Airport and from any other city in the Central Valley. The town of Atenas is known as the best climate in the world.

That’s only one of the reason Atenas property for sale maintains value well. Many retirees are always looking to buy a home in Atenas or invest in the purchase of a building lot.

With the new highway 27 now completed, driving time to the city and beaches was cut in half. This turns Atenas into an attractive location to retire and live. Can Atenas be attractive to you and your family? Then have a look at our Atenas real estate inventory now.  100% Costa Rica real estate satisfaction

If you are a retiree or you like a quiet lifestyle close to the beaches and to an international airport, Atenas could be a great town for you.

Atenas homes for sale

Most of the Atenas homes for sale are located in a gated community like

  • Roca Verde
  • Hacienda Atenas
  • Lomas de Paraiso
  • Picaflor
  • Selca Rio Estates

There you can find incredible properties with views of the Central Valley as well as lots of Atenas luxury homes for sale.  Our Costa Rica real estate area experts also offer the best of Atenas building lots and commercial Atenas real estate for sale.

Atenas real estate for sale and for rent
Atenas luxury homes with pool and ocean views for sale

We  also have a great inventory of single-family Atenas homes for sale in

  • Downtown Atenas
  • Barrio Jesus
  • San Isidro de Atenas
  • Barrio Mercedes
  • Santa Eulalia
  • Escobal
  • Other nice neighborhoods that are not Atenas gated communities.

The advantage of purchasing a home in Atenas is that you can live that laid-back retirement lifestyle and can still socialize with the large expat community in Atenas. We can assist you in making the right choice if you’re planning to retire in the future. Or when you are looking to invest in an Atenas building lot ahead of time. Check for our Atenas real estate for sale on the MLS.

Atenas Gated Community

Controlled accessed and gated communities are the best solutions for those boomers who like to travel a lot. Some communities are

There is a great choice of Atenas homes for sale in those 4 gated communities as well as building lots.

Allow our affiliate agent to show you the options you have in single-family ranch homes and Bali style homes for sale. Some will have a swimming pool and most have magnificent valley and mountain views. Others will even have ocean views.

There are also investment opportunities of Atenas real estate for sale. Many Atenas homes are or can be used as a vacation home or long-term rentals. We have experienced property managers who can handle the details for you while you’re away!

Atenas real estate for sale and for rent
Atenas retirement homes for sale in gated communities

Rolling, green mountains and spectacular views surround Atenas! It is still a town where everyone waves and greets each other in a warm welcoming manner! If you’re interested in nature, outdoor living and tranquility then this is the location for you. As the Costa Ricans say, “Pura Vida” or the pure life is found here!

Search for Atenas real estate listings here on our MLS and then Contact us for a tour of real estate in Atenas.

Invest in Atenas real estate for sale

We can also assist when you plan your retirement ahead and buy a vacation home. This vacation home can generate a nice income as a vacation rental. We will make sure you make the right real estate investment and we know the Atenas area really well. Our affiliates will not only help you rent your vacation rental well, they can also do the property management. They can make sure it’s available for your own use if you want to.

We always have a tremendous shortage of Atenas vacation homes for rent. Especially the ones that are fully furnished and equipped and also have a swimming pool and great views. So you know that we are waiting for your investment and will get you going real quick.

Atenas real estate for sale and for rent
We offer homes and building lots for sale in Atenas gated communities

You can also buy a building lot now, so you can build later. Then you’re sure you will have the views you’ll be looking for. To purchase a vacation home or building lot, you can use your retirement funds.

Atenas luxury homes for sale

Many of those who retire in Atenas are looking to have a more laid-back lifestyle. Our Atenas agents offer a great inventory of Atenas luxury homes for sale too.

Just have a good look at our Quick Search on the left side of our Costa Rica real estate page. There you can search for the city of Atenas or use the keyword luxury homes.

Most Atenas luxury homes for sale offer incredible views as well as great value for your money. We usually have a great inventory of Atenas luxury homes for sale with magnificent valley views and mountain views. It’s your own choice to have a swimming pool, landscaped gardens and top of the line finishes. If you are looking for an Atenas luxury home for sale or for rent, contact our agent Marian Veltman now.

AE Affiliate Members available in Atenas

Where to find Atenas real estate for sale

Atenas best climate

For the Atenas best climate you need to look at the different areas of the Central Valley. Then you will find out why they call Atenas the best climate in the world. And of course why everybody loves to retire in Atenas.

Use our affiliate agents in the American European real estate MLS for prime Atenas real estate for sale. Atenas is known for its central location, excellent climate, and small-town atmosphere!


Atenas is only

  • 20 km. (12 miles) from the International Airport
  • 35 km.(21 miles) from San Jose
  • 50 km.(30 miles) from the beautiful Central Pacific beaches.

Therefore, you have the best of both worlds. You will be far away from the congestion of San Jose. Yet you are close enough that you can enjoy shopping malls, restaurants, nightclubs and movie theaters in Grecia, Alajuela or Escazú.

General Atenas info

The population of Atenas is approximately 5,000 inhabitants in the center and 17,000 in the outlying suburban areas. It has an altitude of 800 – 1100 meters or about 2,600 to 3,600 ft. The daily average temperatures are from 77 to 86 degrees F or 25C to 30 degrees C, The evenings will be cooling down from 62 to 70 degrees F or 17C to 21 degrees C. This makes the ideal year-round weather conditions.

As National Geographic and all the local buses exclaim, “El Mejor Clima en El Mundo” or the best climate in the world!

Atenas real estate for sale and for rent
These are the views you can get from Atenas real estate

Atenas Facts

Atenas is still primarily an agricultural region known for its coffee, sugar production and fruit orchards. Every Friday, the park bustles with the farmer’s market or feria. Here, fresh produce, meat and even flowers can be purchased for a minimal price! It has a festive atmosphere where both the locals and foreigners gather and socialize! It truly is an amazing, fun experience!

The picturesque Central Park located across the street from the Church is another meeting point. In its tropical setting, it is a perfect spot to enjoy an ice cream or a coffee. Here, you often see birds such as the toucan or green parrots flying overhead.There are several restaurants surrounding the park serving Costa Rican food, German, Italian and Chinese meals as well!

Once you live in Atenas, do not miss the Heritage Festival in Atenas.

Atenas property for sale

There are 5 international developments that offer Atenas residential lots for sale. They are all located within 10 minutes of the center of town, many of them with magnificent views. There is Atenas real estate for sale in both gated community and non-gated communities. There are luxury homes built to North American standards with quality finishings and traditional, simpler Costa Rican style homes too.

Many Ticos from San Jose have “quintas” or country estates here for their weekend retreats. Atenas is still more affordable than many other areas in Costa Rica. They make this perfect for the retiree and/or family. Our agents can recommend good builders in case you what to purchase a building lot.

Atenas homes for rent

Our Atenas real estate team will not only take good care of you if you’re not in the market to purchase. We always have great Atenas homes for rent in our inventory. Through our blogs, we try to inform you more about how to rent.

They will also take care of your Atenas home for rent. We promote the use of your retirement funds to purchase an Atenas home that can easily be rented out. If you’re not ready to purchase a home yet, our rental agents try to offer a good inventory of homes for rent.

This is not always an easy task as many baby boomers moving to Atenas are looking to rent. If you want to rent an Atenas home, short or long term, you can check our inventory or email us well in advance.

Atenas real estate for sale and for rent
We sell and rent homes in Atenas, contact us now.

Atenas Amenities

As Atenas continues to expand, you will see an increase in its amenities as well. Currently, our quaint village has the following amenities:

  • 4 Grocery stores
  • A Central market
  • Two private bilingual schools
  • Public swimming pools
  • Parks
  • Pharmacies
  • A bilingual private ambulance service
  • Health center
  • Two gyms
  • Churches
  • Restaurants
  • Tennis court
  • Dance studio
  • Gas station
  • Spanish schools
  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Veterinarians
  • Mechanics

Atenas is a fabulous place to relocate and live!

Retire in Atenas

Our office was one of the first Costa Rican real estate companies to market and promote Atenas as one of the best locations in the country for retirement.

In 2005, there were no gated communities in Atenas. Now, the retiree who wants to travel or have a vacation home has several options to ensure security while leaving his residence for extended periods of time.

Our Atenas affiliate

Atenas real estate agent Marian Veltman
Meet Marian Veltman, our Atenas real estate agent

Marian Veltman is our Atenas specialist and the one who can show you a great inventory of Atenas property for sale. Marian can help you find that

  • Perfect vacation home for sale
  • Beautiful retirement home for sale
  • Great unfurnished home for rent for the long-term
  • Short term furnished home or apartment

Make an appointment well ahead of time because Atenas is a very attractive place for those who plan to retire in the tropics.

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