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Grecia real estateGrecia real estate: a town with the amenities of a city. Grecia real estate is hotter than ever as Grecia is the new hotspot of Costa Rica real estate and100% Costa Rica real estate satisfaction an incredible fertile area.

The locals say “you stick it in the ground and it grows”. The reason is that Grecia real estate is much cheaper than property anywhere else in the Central Valley. Costa Rica real estate growth is going west and Grecia, Naranjo and Sarchi are next.

Grecia industrial parks are creating many new jobs and Alajuela industry and commerce is only a short drive away. The residential development in Grecia such as homes in gates communities as well as building lots in gated communities is going faster than ever. Real estate developers are looking for land to develop new gated communities in the lower parts of Grecia continiously.

Grecia homes

Because of the large foreign population found in Grecia, there is an excellent selection of property. Renovated “tico” homes, coffee plantations, as well as high end North American built estates are just some of the properties that can be found here.  Great opportunities exist for all budgets, you can still get bargain prices for Grecia homes and land.

But there are also some very nice middle budget Greciahomes for saleand you’ll even find some great Luxury homes in Grecia, and other top of the line Grecia real estate. Home to many national parks and green areas, Grecia is clean living in a perfect climate!


Grecia home for sale


Our affiliate offers great inventory of Grecia country homes for sale as well as Grecia property in gated communities and condos as Hacienda Santander and Condominio Residencial Montezuma, if you really like to go the Tico way, where you can also purchase a nice small building lot. If you are seriously looking to purchase a Grecia luxury home, our agent can help too. Usually there are not that manyGrecia luxury homesfor sale and we have a pretty low inventory. We can show you incredible land for sale where you can build your custom luxury home though. 

The Grecia mountain ridges offer beautiful building lots so you can build your own Grecia home with outstanding mountain and valley views. If you like a large property, like land to develop a residential community, or a farm so you can grow your own coffee, we can sell you all the land that you want. Just give us a good idea of what you are looking for, our agent has all the right connections to find you the land you are looking for at Tico prices.


Grecia luxury home for sale


You won’t find that many options in Grecia condos either, most Grecia property is still quite rural. For condos for sale we can help you in other areas through out other agents in the different areas of the Central Valley. If you buy the land, we will help you find the builder so you can build your own condos, they would make a great commercial investment in Grecia.

Grecia commercial real estate

Grecia is the most cosmopolitan of all the small towns west of the Central Valley. It features two malls, each with a movie theatre and various restaurants.  Grecia commercial real estate like a gym, several internet cafes, and an abundance of restaurants ranging from Steak houses, to Chinese food make this an excellent area for socializing.  You can also find lots of live music at the various bars on the weekends. 


Grecia property for sale


 If you are looking to purchase Grecia commercial real estate like a restaurant or a B & B, please let me know. Artist fairs are found in the park on many weekends.  Many social groups based on ex pats have evolved throughout the last couple of years, so there is a good opportunity to socialize.

AE Member available in Grecia, Sarchi and Naranjo:

Where to find Grecia real estate


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Where is Grecia

Grecia is the first city you come to on the Pan American after the airport.  Located about 10 minutes off the Pan American highway, it is only 20 minutes from the International Airport.  Grecia is also, only 45 minutes to the Central Pacific coast,Jaco, some of the best surfing is one of the first beaches you come to when leaving the Central Valley.  Just off the highway, it is easy to go into the city for lunch, or shopping, and to the beaches inGuanacaste. This location is what makes Grecia real estate so valuable.

Because it is the first city on the highway leavingAlajuela, Grecia real estate is growing rapidly and has the amenities to show for it, though you can still find the lower budget Costa Rica real estate in this area.


Grecia homes with pool for sale


Grecia lifestyle

The quality of life is one of the things that make this city special in this area.  Grecia is known as the cleanest city in Latin America, three years in a row, and the people are who live here are famous for their friendliness.  For that same reason, many of our clients have been buying Grecia real estate likebuilding lots in Greciathat offer sweeping views of the Central Valley. The majority of “Griegos”are farmers.  Sugar is the main crop here, closely followed by coffee, and vegetables.

Grecia covers a huge area, it is one of the largest counties in the central valley, and has many different altitudes ranging from 2800 ft to 5000 ft.  If you sit in the park and gaze at the famous metal church, you will see farmers gathered talking about the price of sugar, or cabbage, and kids playing and eating ice cream. It has a very successful market for fruit and veggies, meat, cheese, and fish.  Shopping is great here.  There is a hospital right in the center of town. Feria day is big too, with everyone coming to get the freshest best deals.  Grecia is also home to lots of recreational areas for camping, hiking, and picnics.

Grecia homes for rent

Due to all the babyboomersmoving to Costa Ricaand to Grecia in particular, we now also offers the services of a Grecia agent dedicated to finding your Grecia home for rent. If you are looking to invest by using your retirement funds, we offer many Grecia homes for sale  that can be rented easily to those baby boomers. ForGrecia homes for rent, please feel free tocontact Brooke Bishop, our Grecia real estate agent.


Grecia view properties for sale


Grecia weather

As with most of the Central Valley the end of the rainy season, around mid November coincides with the coffee harvest. This is similar to spring in the Northern Hemisphere in that the nights are cool, and the days are sunny and clear.  This is the time when lots of trees and plants have their flowers, and the breathtaking views are even more impressive.

Brooke Bishop, our Grecia & Naranjo real estate agentBrooke Bishopis our real estate expert for the coffee towns of Naranjo, Sarchi, and Grecia. Brooke has been in Costa Rica since 1999 when she came as a volunteer for a small organization aimed at reforesting old coffee Plantations in Sarchi. She fell in love with the country and the people and married her husband Alfonso from Naranjo in 2000. Both are happy to help locate the perfect place for you in Naranjo, Sarchi, or Grecia, and offer any relocation issues you might have. Brooke is fluent in English and Spanish.

Contact Brooke Bishop, your Grecia – Naranjo – Sarchi real estate agent to see any listings in her area. Especially if you’re looking to purchase Costa Rica real estate in the lower budgets.

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