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La Fortuna real estate for sale

Arenal is Costa Rica’s most spectacular volcano and it drives most of the tourists to La Fortuna.

Since the beginning of 2016, La Fortuna has climbed to the #1 tourist destination in Costa Rica. It is called the “Adventure Capital of Costa Rica” for good reason.

This attraction is an even better reason to have a good look at La Fortuna property if you are planning to move to or retire in Costa Rica soon.

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There are so many things to do around La Fortuna that the list goes on & on…here are just a few: White Water River Rafting, Kayaking (lake or rivers), Waterfall Rappelling, Nature Hikes, Chocolate Tours, Waterfalls, Hot Springs, Spas, Restaurants & much more.

A rural town

La Fortuna is a very nice rural town. It has, because of the tourism trade many perks without being “too city”.

The selection of restaurants and supermarkets are better than you’ll find in any other rural town in the area.  You’ll still find the town fairly small. And when you’re driving around there is plenty of green space with grazing cows and horses on the main road.

La Fortuna real estate for sale
A beautiful La Fortuna home surrounded by nature

The town itself is quite “sleepy” and by 8-10 pm everything is closed. But on the weekends you can find some live music, have a picnic in the park or a candlelit dinner at a fine restaurant.  It has everything you want, and nothing you don’t!

Very Tico

The rural nature also gives it a very Costa Rican vibe with a politeness & properness not found in many of the coastal environments I’ve visited.  Although there is a small ex-pat population here, it’s still a very Costa Rican town. We definitely like it that way!

Investment in La Fortuna

La Fortuna is a prime tourist spot in Costa Rica and offers you one of the best investment opportunities to get involved in the tourism industry such as hotels, bed & breakfast, thermal springs, tours and everything that is involved in such businesses. For that reason, commercial property in La Fortuna is an excellent choice. Did you know that you can use your retirement funds like IRA and 401(k) to invest in La Fortuna real estate?

La Fortuna real estate for sale
We also offer La Fortuna commercial property for sale like this hotel

La Fortuna homes

La Fortuna has been around a long time and most of the La Fortuna homes you will find on the MLS are “Tico” style homes, some of which have had renovation.  An American style home in La Fortuna is a rare find but there are a few.

La Fortuna homes for rent

***Due to the high demand for rentals, we do not offer this service.  The hotel workers live in most of the long-term rentals and the 50+ hotels, hostels & luxury retreats take care of the rest!

La Fortuna gated communities

If you are looking for La Fortuna homes or condos in gated communities this rural area has only one!  The only La Fortuna gated community about a 15-minute drive from La Fortuna.  It has all the amenities you look for in a gated community. The homes are older since it was established in the late 80’s.

Properties in this gated community can be a great option. Most homes are second homes for upper-class Tico families and only a handful of people live there full-time. You have the place all to yourself most of the time!  Contact us to find out more about this gated community or other La Fortuna real estate to see if it’s right for you.

La Fortuna real estate for sale
We sell La Fortuna nature properties where you will see birds like this Toucan all the time

La Fortuna lots & farms

To get the most for your money, you need to go about 15+ minutes outside of La Fortuna to get larger parcels of land and get away from the hustle & bustle of the town.  There are great options for land for sale in Chachagua, La Tigra, San Isidro de Peñas Blancas, and surrounding areas. They are all a short drive from La Fortuna center.  

There are properties on the MLS of all sizes & prices for land in La Fortuna. We always have a great inventory of lots and farms in La Fortuna and it depends a lot on the location, the size, the topography and your budget on what you can buy. At this time the residential lots and home sites are being bought by expats looking to own their piece of paradise to build their dream home on.

Rural surroundings

Because this is a rural area, it is hard to find a house to the standards many people are used to. So this is a great option if you who want a custom build with all the features you’re used to.

La Fortuna land for sale with Arenal volcano views

The soil in this entire area is perfect for planting and papaya & guayaba trees grow like weeds, the reason so many people buy a much larger home site to build their home than they really need. Or even a farm. The rainfall & weather make the perfect environment for living off the land and most places don’t even have air conditioning (some even have fireplaces)!

When looking at residential lots it is very important to understand that this is a rural area.  That means the infrastructure is very rural with dirt roads & wide open spaces.  That also means that you don’t necessarily have a gas station 1 minute from your property. You may need to drive a bit to get to a grocery store, depending on what you’re looking for.

Be open minded! Because living here is a slower pace of life. You won’t be driving that dirt road every day…maybe once a week!

La Fortuna commercial real estate

La Fortuna has grown to be the top destination for travelers to Costa Rica.  Because of that, there are many hotels & tourist attractions with thousands of workers in the area (along with the tourists) so commercial spaces here go fast & are not cheap!  That said, La Fortuna = income!

If you are looking to purchase La Fortuna commercial real estate please contact Victor or look at our commercial property inventory on the MLS. There are many commercial properties for sale and many of the owners don’t want to put them on the website. So you must contact me and I will give you the “insider’s information”.

La Fortuna real estate for sale
Stick it in the ground and it grows

AE MLS Member in La Fortuna Area

Our La Fortuna real estate expert and area specialist is Victor Cordero, contact Victor now.

Where to find La Fortuna Real Estate

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Where is La Fortuna?

La Fortuna is located by the Arenal Volcano in the San Carlos district of the province of Alajuela. You can reach La Fortuna by driving 2.5 hours from the San Jose Airport.  La Fortuna is one of the most popular places in the country and you can travel there by car or bus in 2 ½ hours or hop on a  domestic flight (Sansa & Nature Air).

La Fortuna lifestyle

The La Fortuna area is very spread out. So living in La Fortuna is not conducive to a pedestrian lifestyle. Unless you are living in the center of La Fortuna.

La Fortuna is a special town like no other in Costa Rica.  You will find the necessary amenities and won’t lose the true feel what people come here for!  Often on weekends, there are Farmer’s Markets, little events in the main square. It’s the most fun during the Costa Rican holidays!  People parading through town with their horses, ox-carts, floats….it’s pretty amazing!

Many locals come to La Fortuna for the weekend to enjoy the hot springs or other activities.  The only times the town really feels “crowded” is during Easter & Christmas/New Year when there are all the tourists AND the locals….but it’s always fun, clean & safe!

La Fortuna real estate for sale
Making tortillas in La Fortuna

La Fortuna weather

The weather around La Fortuna is rain & sun all year long.  We don’t really have a “wet” & “dry” season like many other areas do.  Living with the volcano close by seems to create its own little micro-climate.  In town, because it’s in a valley and more built up, many people do have air conditioning.  But get 15 minutes outside of town and the daily breezes & open areas makes it unnecessary.

Think of it like Maui or any of the Hawaiian Islands. It is gorgeous and green here all year long because it rains almost every day.  Does it rain all day?  Sometimes, but many times it is nice in the mornings and rains in the afternoons.  No guarantees except that you’ll have fertile soil and perfect conditions for living off the land! We offer more information about the weather in Costa Rica on our website.

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