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San Ramon real estate

Quite a few expats live in San Ramon. Most moved there between 2006 and 2008 when a few gringo developers saw a great opportunity to buy cheap farms and turn them into residential developments. Most foreign residents believe San Ramon is a perfect place to live, others think it rains too much. This depends a lot on the exact location you’re going to be living in San Ramon.

The best part is that San Ramon is affordable.

Our agents will assist you as much as they can so you can find the right location for you in San Ramon. Help yourself by giving us the details of what is important to you and what not.

Known as the Presidents and Poets town, San Ramon is an agricultural town located about 1.5 hours west of San Jose. Just off the Pan American highway is the medium size town with amenities such as:

  • English Speaking Doctors
  • English Speaking Lawyers
  • Several large supermarkets
  • Lots of restaurants to choose from
  • Gym’s indoor and outdoor
  • A library
  • A museum
  • A farmers market with Organic stalls
  • Lots of opportunities to volunteer.

With almost 12, 000 people in the downtown area shopping in San Ramon offers lots of choices. The central park is a popular meeting place for people and a great place to have an ice cream. The Gothic church is located just across the street and has beautiful stained glass and steeples that can be seen from anywhere in town.

With a close proximity to Arenal Volcano (1.5 hours) and Puntarenas (1 hour), you are close to lots of really popular tourist spots in the country.

San Ramon real estate
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San Ramon Homes

Since San Ramon is such a large county in Alajuela there are many different choices in homes here. From huge sweeping ex-pat built homes with ocean views to quaint farmers homes with land and views of the mountains, you can find just about any San Ramon real estate that will adjust to your taste and budget.

There are many gated communities in San Ramon with home prices from $99,000 to $1 million. Views of rolling green hills with cows and views of the ocean and Nicoya Peninsula, even views of the central valley in certain areas and Herradura beach.

San Ramon real estate
Shop for fresh fruits and vegetables on the San Ramon farmer’s market

Living in San Ramon

There are lots of great restaurants in San Ramon. Steak Houses, Seafood restaurants, Peruvian, Italian and sandwich shops abound. There is a mall with a movie theater. A museum and library. The central market has recently renovated and has some nice spots to sit down and watch the shoppers walk by.

Bus service to La Fortuna, Puntarenas, Monteverde, Guanacaste, San Jose, Naranjo and Alajuela make it very convenient to live in.

San Ramon has probably more opportunities to volunteer than any other of the Central Valley towns. One of the best is The Community Action Alliance which works to help communities in San Ramon. Costa Ricans and expats are part of the group. Fundraisers and dinners help to supply money to improve schools and other public entities. There is also a homeless shelter, pet adoption and lots of other opportunities to volunteer and give back.

Commercial Real Estate

Since San Ramon is the hub of the county hundreds of people come weekly to do their shopping from all over the western corner of the Alajuela province. There is a great opportunity for the Commercial real estate in this town. Either restaurants, hotels, or stores the town is always bustling.

San Ramon real estate
Plaza Occidente shopping mall’s food court


Lots of expats offer their homes for part of the year as a rental. Tico style rentals can also be found here. San Ramon real estate for rent tends to be a little less expensive than the surrounding Central Valley towns. So you can get a $900 furnished home with ocean views if you are lucky!

San Ramon real estate
Beautiful homes for sale and for rent in San Ramon

San Ramon Weather

There is no other Central Valley town that has such different microclimates. The drier sunnier slopes of El Empalme and Magallanes are so different from the cloud forest of Berlin and Los Angeles. Therefore, it is so important that your realtor knows the different microclimates in San Ramon. Only then you can be happy with the weather where you buy your house.

San Ramon real estate agent

Grecia real estate agent Brooke Bishop
Meet Brooke Bishop, our Grecia real estate agent

Brooke Bishop is our Costa Rica real estate expert for the coffee towns of San Ramon, Naranjo, Sarchi, and Grecia. Brooke has been in Costa Rica since 1999 when she came as a volunteer for a small organization aimed at reforesting old coffee Plantations in Sarchi. She fell in love with the country and the people and married her husband Alfonso from Naranjo in 2000.

Both are happy to help locate the perfect place for you in San Ramon, Naranjo, Sarchi, or Grecia. And they will take care of any relocation issues you might have. Brooke is fluent in English and Spanish.

For more information on San Ramon real estate or to look at properties for sale and for rent in San Ramon, contact our agent Brooke Bishop.

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