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Orosi Valley real estate – Cachi Valley real estateThe Orosi Valley is one of the most tranquil places to live in Costa Rica. In the Orosi Valley, you will be surrounded by nature, coffee fields, and the Tapanti national park.

Those are great reasons for buying Orosi Valley properties. Orosi is located Southeast of Cartago. Between Paraiso de Cartago, Ujarras, Tucurrique, and Turrialba, the Orosi Valley is considered by many the most beautiful valley of Costa Rica.

Before the Spanish “conquistadores” arrived in Costa Rica in 1561, Orosi was mostly populated by the Caribe, Huétares, and Viceitas Indians.  Most residents of Orosi work in agriculture like coffee and chayote, which is like squash.

The beautiful lake Orosi which really carries the name of Lake Cachi is an artificial lake of 3,24 km2 that was created by ICE. This is a government-owned power and telephone company. ICE built one of the very first hydroelectric projects in Costa Rica, Lake Cachi. The dam does not only provide power generation benefits for the Costa Rican population, but it also controls floods. This makes sure that Orosi Valley real estate keeps its value. 100% Costa Rica real estate satisfaction

Orosi Valley homes for sale

A beautiful scenic drive takes you around the lake where you will find the towns of Cachí, Orosi, and Palomo. The drive takes you over the Cachi dam that offers the most beautiful views of the lake. Because Orosi is a valley, the mountainsides provide plenty of great locations for mountain homes. Those homes all offer incredible lake views and mountain views. Many of the Orosi Valley homes for sale on our MLS have beautiful gardens because the soil in the valley is incredibly fertile due to the rainfall in the Orosi Valley.

Orosi Valley real estate – Cachi Valley real estate
The town of Cachi

If you’d like to live close to shopping, churches, and other amenities, it is recommendable to purchase an Orosi home for sale. You will find a lot of weekend homes, called Quintas, throughout the Orosi Valley. Also, the MLS can offer you Orosi Valley home sites and land for sale so you can build your own home. If you enjoy farming and love to have your own private space, we give you some great options of Orosi valley farms for sale. Contact us now.

In case you are looking for Orosi Valley condos or high-rise apartments for sale, you are in the wrong place. You will have to go closer to the Greater Metropolitan area where the condos are everywhere.

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Where to find Orosi real estate

Have a good look at the Google map below for the exact location of Orosi Valley real estate:

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What to do in Orosi

You will never get bored in Orosi. If you enjoy nature walks, bird watching, and even river rafting, you have just found your hometown in the Orosi valley. The National Park Tapantí Macizo Cerro de la Muerte, a 600 km2 national park is located on the south side of the Orosi Valley.

There are also plenty of restaurants if you enjoy eating out. Like the famous Palomo fish restaurant. Also, the Casona del Cafetal offers buffet-style typical Costarican food in the midst of the coffee plantation with lake Cachí views. The Casona del Cafetal is also a small boutique hotel.

The ruins of Ujarras are a must-see if you like to visit historic places. And for the plant and flower lovers, there is Lankaster Gardens between Paraíso and Cartago. The world-famous Cartago Basilica is also a much visited must-see.

La Casa del Soñador is world famous and if you like wood carving. You should definitely pay the House of the Dreamer a visit, right on the Rio Naranjo, close to Cachí.

Palomo and Chucaras Hotsprings estate have thermal springs turned into swimming pools that are open to the public for a low entrance fee.  Recreation Park Charrarra is a great place to visit. They offer camping, water sports, soccer fields, restaurants, and many other things to do.

Mirador Orosi offers the most magnificent view of the whole Orosi valley. Here you can easily find the perfect location for your retirement home. Check it out! Also, don’t forget to visit any of the many trout farms in the area where you can catch your own trout. They will cook it for you to your own taste.

Orosi Valley real estate – Cachi Valley real estate
View of the Orosi Valley

The Orosi weather

I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy the weather in the Orosi Valley. It rains quite a bit in the Orosi valley and Lake Cachi area. This is why the valley is so green throughout the year. Temperatures rarely change much, even when it rains. You will find the average temperature in the Orosi Valley between 64 º F and 86º F during the day and cooler nights of an average of 68ºF. The green season, when we have the most rainfall, is between May and November each year.

We invite you to visit the Orosi Valley and check out Orosi Valley real estate on the MLS with us. Once you also fall in love with this beautiful area like so many others before you, contact us.

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