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At this moment, we don’t have an agent to cover Puriscal real estate for sale. Therefore, we are not able to assist in your Puriscal property purchase or sale. We invite you to search for Puriscal real estate for sale on the #1 MLS by using our Quick Search. We provide instant access to Puriscal homes for sale,  building lots, farms, luxury homes, land and even commercial properties.

Our Puriscal expert can assist in finding Puriscal real estate for sale in the incredibly beautiful hills of the San José province. Customers think it is a little strange, but geographically, Puriscal belongs to San José and is located in the Grand Metropolitan Area.  The formal name if this city is Santiago de Puriscal, but everyone calls it Puriscal or even Puris.

For many years, we have searched for a knowledgeable and trustworthy agent to cover this area. Now, we are ready to take your real estate listings. If you are selling your property in Puriscal, feel free to contact us. Also, buyers are more than welcome of course.

To make your search a little easier, we have created a totally separate geographic search area for Puriscal. Therefore, we invite you to contact our agent and tour the incredible properties we now have to offer on our MLS.

If you want to live in a quiet town, only 1 hour from an International airport, in a town that has all the amenities you need, you need to visit Puriscal.

Homes in Puriscal

Homes in Puriscal are not so different from homes in other rural areas of the Central Valley. You can compare homes in Puriscal to homes in Grecia or Atenas.

You will not find any condos in Puriscal yet. This might take a few years. The main reason there are no condos in Puriscal is that the land is so affordable. Check our MLS inventory for building lots, farms or raw land.

Puriscal real estate for sale
Imagine a sunset view like this from your own home

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Where to find Puriscal real estate

You can have a look at the Google map below and find out where Puriscal is located.

Click here to view Puriscal real estate areas in google maps

Where is Puriscal

Puriscal is set in the picturesque mountains in the Central Valley. Centrally located in Costa Rica, Puriscal is just one hour from the Juan Santamaria International Airport and the capital city of San Jose.

Sitting at an altitude of around 1100 meters (over 3,000 feet), the resulting climate is very comfortable with warm sunny days and cool evening breezes. This agriculturally based community enjoys all the conveniences of the City with small-town appeal.

Puriscal is close to many tourist destinations, it is easily accessible.


The Puriscal area offers the most amazing views. Because Puriscal is at over 3,000 feet altitude, the views are fantastic wherever you look. Being close to the Carara Nation Park as well as the Gulf of Nicoya, you will be able to find properties with ocean views, sunset views as well as nature views.

Puriscal real estate for sale
Mountaintop estate in Puriscal


In Puriscal, you will find all the amenities you really need.  Santiago de Puriscal is the main business center and it offers many services including banks, lawyers, accountants, and architects. Other skilled medical professionals include general practitioners, pharmacists, and dentists.

A modern full-service emergency hospital in Puriscal is a major asset to the community.   Private and state hospitals are an easy 45-minute drive. Also, pets are well looked after with modern veterinary clinics and bilingual veterinarians.

Shopping includes modern grocery stores, pharmacies, clothing boutiques, shoe stores, hardware stores, toy stores, opticians, furniture stores, office supplies, veterinary and agricultural supplies. Stroll through the town and discover unique boutiques and furniture stores.

Each small community within Puriscal hosts a football field, church, soccer field, and school.

Puriscal real estate for sale
You can enjoy nature on your own Puriscal farm

Land in Puriscal

Land in Puriscal is much more affordable than most land anywhere else in the Central Valley. Buyers looking to purchase land with large acreage will be surprised how affordable it is. If you are looking for a small Puriscal farm or a large one, we carry a good selection of farmland on inventory.

Looking to custom build your home? We can also assist in your research for the nicest residential lots and home sites in Puriscal.

Are you a prepper or survivalist? We can assist, as we offer the most incredible locations for you.

Puriscal luxury homes

Puriscal and the surrounding areas do offer some luxury homes here and there. Therefore, ask us about the luxury homes in Puriscal and he will be able to check the inventory for availability.

Why live in Puriscal?

There are several very good reasons to live in this beautiful city:

The residents

  • The town is known for its friendly residents, abundant water, excellent food and fertile soils.
  • Also, you can enjoy a tranquil environment without the hustle and bustle of the major city, with all the amenities at your disposal.
  • You will find the residents to be hardworking and always willing to lend a helping hand to neighbors.
  • Enjoy a weekend soccer game and take in the many festivals and topes that are hosted in the community.
  • Many expatriates call Puriscal home. You will find many social events and opportunities to meet new friends.
Puriscal real estate for sale
Ocean view property in Puriscal

Rural traditions

  • The weekly farmers’ market is the perfect place to purchase fresh and delicious fruits and vegetables
  • Part of the charm of this rural community is in the country lifestyle in the outlying areas.
  • Also, tt is not uncommon to see cowboys on horses, chickens, goats and cattle grazing contentedly.
  • Rural traditions abound,  such as the use of oxen and their colorful carts, small sugar mills coffee plantations and the cultivation of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.
  • Enjoy a variety of restaurants and sodas featuring home-cooked Casados, made from fresh, locally grown produce
  • Finally, locals host festivities in each community, including parades, socializing, delicious food and impressive livestock.

Puriscal real estate agent

At this moment, we are not able to assist in your purchase of Puriscal real estate for sale. Therefore, if you have any Puriscal property for sale, we recommend you look elsewhere.

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