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Rohrmoser real estate for sale
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Rohrmoser real estate is the most western residential suburb of the city of San Jose.

Rohrmoser real estate is generally very residential oriented though you might find some Rohmoser commercial properties on our MLS also. If you love to live in a city environment, you should have a good look at living in Rohrmoser. Check out all the incredible real estate options we have for you.

Since you’re in the market for Rohrmoser homes for sale, you might as well also look for properties in San Jose on the MLS. You might find it also very interesting in the neighboring areas.

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Where is Rohrmoser

In the 1960’s, the Rohrmoser family originally developed the coffee field on the west side of San Jose and finished in the eighties. Rohrmoser was one of the very first master planned subdivisions on the west side of San Jose.

The first part of the subdivision was called Nunciatura, and rapidly developed by the local business community. Also, Nunciatura offers some very nice parks and larger upscale older homes. The name Nunciatura was used because the Pope’s representative, “El Nuncio” has its home there. Also former President Oscar Arias lives in this area.

Rohrmoser commercial property for sale
The second part of Rohrmoser, legally called Pavas, starts where the freeway that goes from Escazu to the highway to the airport cuts right through it. Those coffee fields were developed in a well organized middle class residential area in the 70’s and 80’s. Only the two main boulevards are commercial San Jose real estate and this area offers the Plaza Mayor Mall built in 1983 and extended in 1990. The Rohrmoser Mall and some other but smaller strip malls also offer great commercial options. These malls have plenty of shopping opportunities.

Along the main street in Pavas there are many great bars including Van Gogh, Tragaldabas and Kabanas. Also Paseo Colon, which is home to clubs and bars such as Vertigo, Lebanon and Rhapsodia, is just a short ride away. Also, behind the ring road, you will find the La Favorita, La Geroma, Roma Oeste, Jardines de Rohrmoser and Triángulo neighborhoods. Additionally, you will find the US embassy, the German school ( Humboldt Schule) and the British School there.

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Rohrmoser residential areas and homes for sale

Where to find Rohrmoser real estate

Don’t you know Costa Rica well enough to know where Rohrmoser is? Would like to find Rohrmoser real estate on Google maps?

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Homes in Rohrmoser

Most homes in the Rohrmoser and Pavas area offer very small gardens because they were mainly built by Costaricans. Ticos do not appreciate a garden as well as most foreigners do because of their culture. The area also offers many apartment buildings.

Rohrmoser has various neighborhoods:

  • Nunciatura
  • La Favorita
  • Santa Catalina
  • Jardines
  • Roma del Oeste
  • Triángulo

Carports of Rohrmoser homes have only space for one car. The reason is that families had only one car when those houses were built. Most homes in San Jose real estate are outdated and will need some TLC. Tell your realtor about your requirements of a large garden, a garage for 2 cars or more.

For many years the Agency for International Development (AID) had its offices there. AID donated the building to the Costa Rican government and is now the National Center of High Technology Dr. Franklin Chang Diaz (CENAT).

Rohrmoser shopping mall Plaza Mayor

Dr. Franklin Chang Diaz created the Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket for spacecraft propulsion. This is currently in development by his company, Ad Astra Rocket company. His career as an astronaut and his scientific success had the center to benamed after him. Dr. Chang Diaz was decorated several times.

The Rohrmoser subdivision has a huge advantage over areas like Escazu and Santa Ana. For being in between highway 1 (airport) and highway 27 (Puntarenas), access is very easy. Invest in apartments, condos or fix up older homes that you can find on the MLS. There are many good opportunities and a large number of people looking for rental units in Rohrmoser, ask your agent.

Rohrmoser condos

There are very view condos built in Rohrmoser, but it is starting to happen a bit in Sabana, on the west side of San Jose. For now, you can find condominiums in Rohrmoser in

Rohrmoser industrial warehouses and office space

Rohrmoser is also a perfect location to find industrial warehouses and office space between Highway 1 and Route 27. These highways connect San Jose with the rest of the provinces.

Rohrmoser warehouses for rent and for sale

The Pavas industrial zone, adjacent to the highway 27, offers a great range of warehouses of  industrial zoning. Search for industrial property in Pavas on the MLS. You will find Alimentos Jacks and other food industries located in the Pavas industrial zone.

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