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Search for San Jose real estate and Sabana real estate for sale on the #1 MLS by using our Quick Search. You will find the largest inventory of San Jose and Sabana homes for sale, as well as condos, luxury condos, luxury homes, commercial property, building lots and land.

San Jose and Sabana real estate for sale
Learn more about San Jose and Sabana real estate in this article.

San Jose real estate and Sabana real estate offers to live in or near the city with all its amenities.

Even though around La Sabana there were very nice residential San Jose real estate areas back in the 70’s, in the last 20 years everything changed.

The originally residential homes in San Jose, as well as the Sabana homes for sale, were turned into offices and commercial real estate by small and medium-sized corporations. This changed San Jose real estate entirely.100% Costa Rica real estate satisfaction

Homes in San Jose and Sabana homes for sale

Many of those old buildings and Sabana homes are being torn down. Several high rise apartments were built instead, or are in the process of construction on those properties. It’s good to know that our high rises generally don’t go any higher than 14 floors.

The construction of buildings like Torres del Parque, Vistas del Parque, which are now finished and occupied and others like Condado del Parque and Condominio 60-30 are opening up more toward San Jose homes for sale which is downtown. Then Sabana homes for sale on the west, and Rohrmoser real estate even a bit further west.

Many international students including Ucimed, the medical university is in the area. Properties around Sabana can only grow and prices are pushed up with the strong demand. Whether you want an investment or a cool place to live, San Jose real estate is it and our MLS will help you find it.

Sabana condos for sale

San Jose real estate and Sabana real estate

Sabana is also located right next to Rohrmoser, which is divided into different neighborhoods. Rohrmoser real estate is found in the residential areas of Nunciatura, La Favorita, La Geroma and Pavas, all great areas to either buy a lot and build your home, or purchase a home or condo.

We also have properties for sale on the MLS in neighborhoods like La Uruca, Barrio Niza, Barrio Holanda and Pops La Sabana.

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Sabana Park is the lung for San Jose

Where to find San Jose real estate

Find also Sabana, Pavas, Rohrmoser, La Geroma, Barrio Cristal, Jardines, Sabana Sur, Sabana Norte and Britannia on this Google map. Those are all districts and communities in San Jose real estate.

View La Sabana – San Jose in a larger map

Condos and luxury condos in San Jose and Sabana

The growth of condos on the west side of San Jose and Sabana is amazing. Residential real estate developers are tearing down old building and houses in the older neighborhoods of San Jose.

More employees who work in San Jose are moving back into the city. Traffic on the highways is terrible and a serious issue nowadays. San Jose is still location, location, location.

Some of those neighborhoods are:

Residential towers

Residential developers are building 7 story or more luxury residential towers and condos. Examples of this change in residential real estate are:

Most of those condos have views of the Sabana Park or any of the smaller parks in Nunciatura and Rohrmoser. Most San Jose and Sabana luxury condos start at a budget of $350,000 and up, depending on which floor you’d like to be.

San Jose luxury condos for sale in Sabana

Of course, we also have older condominiums for sale in the San Jose. While most condos are 30 years old and sometimes they are remodeled, they start at $120,000 for a 1,000 sq.ft. condo unit. The advantage older condos have is that their HOA fees are much lower than the condo fees in the luxury condos.

Industrial real estate and commercial real estate in San Jose

If you are in the retail business, manufacturing business or an importer/distributor of any product, you will perhaps need an industrial property. That would probably be an industrial building, warehouse or commercial properties in the vicinity of San Jose. You can find that office space that you need to be in any of the office centers around San Jose on our MLS.

For San Jose commercial real estate and industrial real estate, our MLS offers properties for sale and for rent:

  • Office buildings in San Jose
  • Warehouses
  • Warehouses with office space
  • High tech warehouses
  • Manufacturing warehouses
  • Parking lots
  • Industrial real estate
  • Free trade zone warehouses
  • Free trade zone office space
  • Finished office space
  • Gray office space

If you have a business or are starting one, our MLS affiliate partners contact our affiliate for San Jose commercial property inside and outside the Free Trade Zone.

Sabana park during an ordinary day

General information about Sabana

The famous Parque Metropolitano La Sabana is one of the most well-known locations on the west side of San Jose. Sabana Park was Costa Rican’s international airport until 1955 and after that used only for small aircraft.

Around 1978, La Sabana was turned into a 180-acre park with sports facilities and remodeled several times. These sports facilities include a skating rink, soccer fields, a swimming pool and the national soccer stadium. In addition, many native trees were planted and two beautiful lakes were created.

The park is used by more than 30,000 visitors a week without having to pay any entry to use most of the facilities.

The old national stadium was demolished and replaced in 2010 by a new stadium for 35,000 people. The contract was a donation from the Chinese government and used mainly for soccer matches and also for concerts.

The control tower of the former airport was turned into the museum of Costa Rican arts.

Sabana Park is the lung of San Jose

La Sabana is often recognized by Costa Ricans as “the lung of San José“. When living in this area you realize everything is close but surprisingly quiet. There are many older and well built one-story homes on many private streets around Sabana. You will also find many apartments from groups of 2 or 3 to a building of 30 units. There are also many cute dead-end streets with private homes.

All sorts of buildings and some very reasonable apartments are for rent around Sabana Park. The slump in the rest of the world has not affected La Sabana. Now, there are some good deals in large condos in high rises, even penthouses under $500,000. However, there are many smaller condos available.

Sabana North condominiums and ICE building

A taxi ride from San Jose is only about $7. Travel to both airports is very convenient also. Who wouldn’t want to buy San Jose real estate?

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