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Ocean Views are cheaper in Costa Rica

Ocean Views are cheaper in Costa Rica

Did you know that properties with ocean views are cheaper in Costa Rica? Numbers can be deceiving; however, one cannot dispute the facts. You see, having invested in and brokered Costa Rica beach property with ocean views for the past seven years. It is not inconceivable to come across a situation that just must be shared. […]

Costa Rica beach front property

Precautions for buying Costa Rica Beach Front Property

Costa Rica beachfront property has certain restrictions that you should know about before you purchase because it is located in the Maritime Zone or ZMT. When buying Costa Rica beachfront property, you should ask our affiliate beach real estate agents. Second, you should use any of the closing attorneys our affiliated real estate agents recommend. […]

Flamingo beach exclusivity

Costa Rica Flamingo Beach offers Amazing Beauty and Exclusivity

For beauty and exclusivity, Flamingo Beach offers a choice of luxury beach condos, homes and mansions for sale in a beautiful, peaceful and safe place in Costa Rica. Flamingo Beach – white sand and sunshine for the beach lovers. Larry Albright had lived and loved Flamingo for 15 years. When he moved there he was amazed at the beauty […]