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Can waterfront property in Costa Rica be used to build a boat dock?

Can waterfront property in Costa Rica be used to build a boat dock?

Quite often boat owners ask if waterfront property in Costa Rica can be used to build a boat dock? Can waterfront property even be bought in Costa Rica? Well, we have plenty of waterfront property. This beautiful Central American country has over 763 miles of coastline. 631 Miles are on the Pacific side and 132 miles […]

caretaker’s quarters

How important is a caretaker’s quarters on a property in Costa Rica

I’m sure you have seen properties advertised on the MLS that has a caretaker’s quarters on the property. Wondering why properties have caretaker’s quarters? Is it really necessary to have a caretaker who lives on your property? Let me explain. The property size When you purchase a large property with lots of gardens, you probably […]

mold in Costa Rican homes

Is mold in Costa Rican homes acceptable?

Recently, we had a home inspection rejected by a buyer because of a mold issue. I was as surprised as the seller was, because it is quite common to have mold in Costa Rican homes. Especially in the rainy season! In this particular case, the mold was around the gutter’s downspout, two stories up from […]

Escazu condo home inspection gone wrong

A unique Escazu condo home inspection

Should the common areas of condominiums and gated communities be inspected? This story about an Escazu condo home inspection is a perfect example so you can learn the answer to this question. In Costa Rica, real estate developers build more and more condos and homes in gated communities. You probably will want to know how this […]

Expat Housing in Costa Rica

Looking for expat housing in Costa Rica?

Every company’s staff needs expat housing in Costa Rica and that’s where we come in. Our MLS has the largest online inventory of homes for sale, commercial property for sale as well as commercial, industrial and residential rentals. An amazing amount of international corporations have moved to Costa Rica in the last 10 years and they’re […]