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Preparing for retirement Costa Rica

Preparing for Retirement beyond Financial Needs

Have you seen the ad where someone posts on a wall the age a person should start saving for retirement and then the age when he or she actually started putting money away? Recently I learned that if a person starts preparing for retirement at the age of 18 and only saves money until age […]

I am looking for a retirement community in Costa Rica, where should I start?

I am looking for a retirement community in Costa Rica, where should I start?

Almost ready to retire and enjoy your retirement? Is there any retirement community in Costa Rica? Is Costa Rica a good place to retire? If you are an active adult, if you like to re-invent yourself and you are ready for the next adventure, if you’re full of energy, if you’re a nature lover, if you […]

perpetual vacation in Ojochal

You can have a perpetual vacation in Ojochal too

Pizza & piña colada, yoga on water, stand up paddle, miles of beaches, snorkel, gallo pinto for breakfast, spend an afternoon in the hammock, the best fishing possible, enjoy the views of the Whale coast, and have an exotic dinner in the sunset. Doesn’t that sound like a vacation? Did you know it is easy […]

FBAR and American Expatriates

FBAR and American Expatriates

When living abroad as a US expat, you’re supposed to know what FBAR is. Do you? Filing a US expat tax return is a daunting task for many American expatriates. Although US citizens and green card holders are aware of foreign earned income exclusion, foreign housing exclusion, and foreign tax credit, many American expats do not […]